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At LCM/AquaVitae, we are proud to offer peptide therapy to our patients for the promotion of overall health. Our peptides are prescription only medications which are known to be safe and well tolerated. Peptides have restorative properties which augment healing and nurture healthful growth and recovery. The peptides available to our patients are: CJC/Ipamorelin, Ibutamoren, HGH fragment, and BPC 157.

Growth hormone (GH, also referred to as human growth hormone, or HGH) is a pituitary hormone responsible for stimulating growth, cellular reproduction and tissue regeneration, and metabolism of fats and sugars. GH levels peak after maturity around age 20, steadily declining as we age. By age 40, GH levels are approximately half of what they were at age 20.

By increasing levels of GH to more youthful levels, we can expect to see benefits related to functional rejuvenation:

Overall anti-aging through restoration of GH levels
Increased bone density and muscle mass
Decrease body fat
Improved collagen production and skin quality
Improved immune function via thymic gland recovery
Improved healing and recovery from workouts and injuries
Improved cardiovascular function
Sharper mental acuity
Better sleep

Symptoms of Low Growth Hormone 

Some of the symptoms of low growth hormone include:

Decreased muscle mass and strength
Decreased sexual function and interest
Difficult to concentration and lack of memory
 Constant fatigue
Anxiety and/or depression
Hair loss or thinning
 Heart problems
High levels of LDL cholesterol
Insulin resistance
Lower tolerance to exercise
Reduced bone density
Weight gain around the waist
Dry, thin skin

Growth Hormone Treatment Options

Proper medical intervention may be necessary to improve your growth hormone deficiency. We will check your blood levels of IGF1 along with other important parameters and determine if you are a candidate for our Growth Hormone Replacement Peptide programs.

We use the following peptides in our Growth Hormone Therapy plans:


  • At LCM/AquaVitae, we can boost GH levels through use of peptides CJC/Ipamorelin, available only by prescription. CJC/Ipamorelin is a combination of 2 peptides (small proteins) which stimulate GH production and release from the pituitary gland. CJC is a growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) analog which stimulates production release of GH from the pituitary gland. Ipamorelin is a ghrelin, a class of peptides produced in the gut and important in fat and sugar metabolism, which also acts on the pituitary gland to stimulate release of GH. Combining these peptides leads to a synergistic and complementary increase of GH, greater than either alone. Potential side effects of this medication are usually minimal and well tolerated, and most frequently include:  injection site reactions (redness and irritation) and flushing. These reactions will resolve spontaneously on their own after a few minutes.

Ibutamoren (MK-677)

  • Another GH augmenting medication we offer is Ibutamoren (also known as MK-677). Ibutamoren is another ghrelin mimetic which enhances GH secretion at the pituitary gland (like Ipamorelin). Unlike CJC/Ipamorelin which is taken as an injection, Ibutamoren is conveniently taken in oral form. It was originally developed to increase lean muscle mass in frail and elderly patients. Studies have shown it can increase GH levels 150-200% and was well tolerated. While studies have demonstrated an increase in lean muscle mass with Ibutamoren, there is no evidence to suggest it enhances fat loss.  Furthermore, it stimulates appetite which may contribute to weight gain (desirable for treating frailty, not so much for treating obesity). For those looking to add muscle mass, Ibutamoren may be a good option, but for those looking to increase muscle and decrease fat, CJC/Ipamorelin would be a better option. 

HGH fragment (HGH frag)

  • HGH fragment (HGH frag) peptide is a cleaved off portion of GH which stimulates lipolysis breakdown of fat) and inhibits lipogenesis (formation of fat). Studies show HGH frag leads to decrease of body fat, particularly abdominal fat. Because HGH frag cannot bind to cellular GH receptors, it does not induce cell proliferation (muscle growth). HGH frag increases energy expenditure (burns calories) and stimulates cells to increase oxidation of fats and sugars. HGH also increase the activity of lipase, an enzyme which breaks down fat.

BPC 157 (Body Protection Compound)

  • BPC 157 (Body Protection Compound) naturally derived from gastric secretions, is a peptide known for its ability to promote healing. It works by increasing angiogenic (blood vessel formation) and anti-inflammatory factors which provide a nurturing environment for cells and tissues. Furthermore, BPC up-regulates, or increases, GH receptors in cells. Remember: GH simulates cell regeneration and proliferation. The more GH receptors available, the more GH can act on cells to induce growth and recovery. BPC’s effects are wide ranging as well. BPC has been demonstrated to accelerate healing of musculoskeletal tissue (bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscle). Additionally, BPC has been shown to encourage healing in the gastrointestinal tract, in both acute and chronic diseases. Conditions such as peptic ulcer disease, GERD, gastritis, IBS, Chron’s, and ulcerative colitis are all improved with BPC.  BPC is available in two forms, oral and subcutaneous. Oral BPC is generally recommended for GI issues, while subcutaneous BPC is generally administered locally for the musculoskeletal focus of injury. Of interest, there is some evidence to indicate oral BPC can act peripherally and is effective for musculoskeletal injuries as well.

At Lowcountry Male, our physicians will recommend an appropriate growth hormone peptide plan based on your lifestyle and needs. If you are interested in growth hormone replacement therapy, come visit us at one of our convenient locations in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Greenville, Summerville, and Fort Mill. We strive to deliver medically-based solutions to human growth hormone deficiency and other conditions of aging affecting men in the Charleston, Greenville, and Charlotte, NC areas.

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